Winter Grand Rapids Engagement Photos

GUYS. I am obsessed. This couple’s Winter Grand Rapids Engagement Photos were absolutely breathtaking. Winter engagement sessions are so over-looked when in reality, I think they make for some gorgeous photos. I actually went to college with both Kyla + Phil and that’s how we originally met. We fell out of touch for quite a few years but reconnected a few months ago and I’m so thankful we did. Their Grand Rapids Winter Engagements are seriously some of my favorites to date!

Kyla + Phil are getting married this summer up in Northern Michigan and I am so freaking stoked for the two of them. Unfortunately, I won’t get to be there but I just know it’s going to be stunning!

How to prepare for your engagement photos

It seems like its always snowing in Michigan in the winter time, so we should not have too much trouble finding a nice snowy part of the woods in Grand Rapids. I always like to tell my couples to wear outfits that keep them warm. I will even bring some hot hands for your session so you can keep your hands warm if it’s freezing outside.

Ready for your own Grand Rapids Engagement Photos?

To see another one of my favorite winter engagement sessions, click here! And if you’re trying to plan your Grand Rapids trip, check out this article for some fun things to do in the winter. While you’re at it, fill out my contact form and we’ll get ya in the books!

Photos by: Aislinn Timmons Photography