Steamy and Romantic Summer Holland Beach Engagements

I’m so excited to share these BEAUTIFUL, glowly photos from Megan and Alan’s Holland Beach Engagement in Michigan. I was so pumped to shoot with these two from the start, and I knew that we would create some magic together! Megan and Alan are actually from Washington State, and made the trip out to Michigan to shoot their engagement photos with me, and I am SO HAPPY they did!

These two are both professional ballroom dancers, (super talented) and they travel ALL over the country to compete. Fun fact: I spent 16 years as a dancer, and we spent the evening chatting non-stop about how much we had in common! I’m so glad these two stopped in my corner of the world for a bit, because I genuinely had SUCH a great time with them!

We originally planned to shoot these engagements at The Silver Lake Sand Dunes, however the weather was totally not on our side. These two were SO adaptable, and with a little bit of quick thinking we ended up at at the PERFECT spot for their engagement, and these adorable Holland Beach Engagement photos. I honestly am SO happy we ended up where we did, because the photos turned out AMAZING and the weather was absolutely beautiful. I love working with couples who trust me enough to change things up on the fly, because it always ends up being a great decision!

Alan and Megan’s chemistry was off the charts you guys! They truly did spend every moment taking one another in, and their laughter was contagious! We had so much fun sharing stories and exploring the beach together. Megan changed into an absolutely STUNNING dress right around sunset, and the real magic started to happen. The lighting turned perfectly golden, and these two could not keep their hands off each other. I followed them into the water as they snuggled up with the sun setting perfectly behind them, and I was TOTALLY OBSESSED! I’m so incredibly pumped to squeeze these two again, and capture their epic love later this year when they get married in Indianapolis!

Ready for your own Holland Beach Engagement?

I’m waiting for you! You can always reach out to me here to get started on planning your own special day! Not a fan of the beach, or looking for something a bit different? Check out my list of the my Top Ten Michigan Engagement spots to gather inspiration for a shoot that perfectly matches you and your person!

Photography by: Aislinn Timmons Photography