Winter Northern Michigan Elopement

I’m so happy Addison & Micheal chose me to photograph their winter Northern Michigan elopement! Not only is Northern Michigan absolutely beautiful the time of year they got married, but it was truly an honor to accompany Addison & Michael on their little adventure. We spent so much time exploring the beautiful scenery and all that Mother Nature had to offer at their elopement location! From the waterfalls, to the rocks, to the breathtaking views, Northern Michigan genuinely feels like an ENTIRELY different world! If I didn’t know any better, I would think we were adventuring out West! 

They were seriously the most willing couple I could ask for, I dragged them to what feels like a million different spots so we could capture as many different sceneries as possible. Even though I’m constantly photographing couples in here, the views never cease to amaze me, and I get giddy about them every time! 

After this couple tied the knot and we finished up with their photos, we ended up grabbing dinner together at one of my favorite restaurants in Northern Michigan and boy did we ENJOY it! It’s not very often I get to actually chill with my couples, but it was so much fun getting to know them on an even deeper level on the most important day of their lives. 

Thinking about eloping in Northern Michigan?

If these photos haven’t convinced you, I don’t know what will! And you haven’t even seen the entirety of Northern Michigan’s beauty… There are so many hiking trails (check out the most scenic ones here!), beaches (a few of my favorites here), and waterfalls (don’t even get me started…click here!)  that are totally underrated. If you’re an adventurous couple that is ready to be blown away by all Northern Michigan has to offer, fill out my contact form and we’ll get you in the books!

Photos by: Aislinn Timmons Photography