Every single one of you is unique and beautiful in your own way and that is why I am going to be more than just your 'photographer.'
One thing I truly strive for is to make sure that you know that I've got you covered no matter what. 


What to expect from me:


If you didn't know, connections are huge to me. Why? There are many reasons, but one main one is that I truly believe I create my best work with people I can connect with on a personal level. I want to be more than just another vendor for you to check off of your checklist and I mean that 1000%.


I can take charge when you need me and give you guidance, but I will always try to make you as comfortable as possible. You better be ready for my cheesy prompts, my end of session selfies where you two look FIRE and I look like an egg, and lots of smiles. Oh! and a new best friend. 

capturing the feels:

You want more than just photos of your wedding day and the way it looked. You want photos of how people FELT. Images that recall all the emotions that surrounded you on your wedding day. Guys, I get it! I'm getting married myself this year. I got your back on this.

If you're the kind of couple that loves more traditional "prom pose" type photos, that's okay! I'm happy to refer some talented people who will be a great fit for you. But to be completely honest, that's not the type of photographer that I am. I want to capture the candid moments, the true smiles, and the real tears. Photos are the only things that live on past your wedding day. 

Nothing ever forced:

Connection above all:

I truly care about having conversations with their parents, getting to know Grandma Rose and having a sweet conversation with her. I genuinely LOVE dancing with the 3 year old flower girl on the dance floor, while capturing the best moments possible. I promise, I will feel more like a friend ready to party with you!

Let's make some magic:

Let me tell you something that I've heard from almost EVERY couple I've ever photographed. "We're so awkward, we don't know what to do" before we start a shoot, and trust me I get it, BUT by the end of the shoot they're talking about how easy and how much fun it actually was.