Windy Sand Dunes Engagements

This couple’s Windy Sand Dunes Engagements were absolutely breathtaking. I have been taking many trips up to the dunes this summer;  it has truly become one of my favorite places to shoot. Amanda and Paul’s engagement session was the first one i’ve done since the weather turned a little chilly, but it couldn’t have been more beautiful. Their windy sand dunes engagements were one of my favorites for several reasons!

Even though it was chilly, there was no one else there. We had the entire dunes to ourselves, which is RARE. There were no footprints, there was no one in the background, it was silent. We originally had our session booked for the evening before, but the weather was NOT looking good. Something Amanda specifically wanted was that golden hour, and postponing it was the best thing we could’ve done because WE GOT SOME GOLDEN HOUR!

The wind was a little crazy, and by the end of the night our toes were freaking FREEZING, but it was worth it 1000%. Even though the dunes are more “enjoyable” weather wise in the summer, I couldn’t recommend pushing it off until more the “fall” months enough.

Ready to have a session in the Sand Dunes?

‘Cause I’m ready to photograph it! Reach out to me to secure your date and we can go from there. The Sand Dunes are one of my favorite places to shoot, so I’m always so excited to go back! If you’re on the adventurous side, you can also check out this article to read about different ways you can explore the Sand Dunes!

Photos by: Aislinn Timmons Photography