Lakeside Grand Rapids Wedding

This couple’s Lakeside Grand Rapids Wedding was absolutely beautiful. They were another one of my summer couples that were affected by COVID; they made the most out of it. The two of them knew all along that they wanted to get married no matter what was happening and they made it work. Cj’s grandmother has a beautiful house on the lake and that is what they decided to use for the reception location and ended up having the ceremony in the church.

From the getting ready location to the end, it was impeccable. Their lakeside grand rapids wedding did not disappoint and ended up being everything they wanted it to be and more. I showed up at the salon ready to start taking photos and the bridal suite was absolutely amazing. There were 3-4 rooms, with an area for their snacks and all white walls (which are a photographer’s best friend!) The church was located in downtown Grand Rapids and was absolutely stunning. From there we went to several different places that were important to the two of them.

A little back story: CJ + Makayla have been together for years. Since high school. They both decided to go to Hope College and that is where they met a majority of their friend group (or where their friends from childhood ended up going).  The entire bridal party + us went to Hope College for a few photos and it was so much fun seeing them all congregate at the school they went to! We also went to a park close-by that ended up being gorgeous! It was such a beautiful night and although it wasn’t what they originally envisioned, it was still an amazing day.

Ready to plan your Lakeside Grand Rapids wedding?

Let’s do it!! If you’re needing somewhere to stay for the weekend, check out these amazing Airbnb rentals in Grand Rapids for some ideas. Once you have a date picked out, you can fill out my contact from here and we’ll get you in the books!

Photos by: Aislinn Timmons Photography