Joyful Summer Engagement Photos

Haylie and Michael were SO much fun to hangout with during their Joyful Summer Engagement Photos! This couple wanted to spend some time downtown, grabbing some photos in the city. We were so glad that it wasn’t nearly as busy as we anticipated! We basically had the entire street to ourselves, and I wasn’t complaining! I had so much fun laughing alongside these two, and capturing these adorable images! Later on, we ventured to the beach during golden hour. They were SO adventurous and free spirited, snuggling up in the waves and capturing these Joyful Michigan Summer Engagement Photos!

I was blown away by how much I had in common with this sweet couple! Of course we spent TONS of time chatting about their wedding next year. I was so excited to find out that they are actually getting married at the same venue that I married my husband Joel! How cool is that? I am seriously so excited to go back and shoot for them! Also, Michael and I were both students at Western Michigan University way back when, and have a few mutual friends. But beyond that, my favorite thing about these two is how incredibly FUN and laid back they were! Haylie is so so sweet, and I had so much fun bonding with her over the most random little things!

Like I mentioned before, we had pretty much all of St. Joseph in Michigan to ourselves, and I loved every second of it! I had so much fun chasing these two down the street, and capturing their fun and bubbly personalities that fit perfectly inside of the city! As the sun set, the light turned into an incredible shade of gold that seriously made my jaw drop! I chased these two through the sand, and we were all laughing at the top of our lungs when they ended up snuggling in the water! We laughed, we danced, and we popped champagne and toasted to their incredible love story! I cannot wait to meet up with these two next year, give them a squeeze, and capture their love all over again!

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Photography: @aislinntimmonsphoto