Sunrise Glacier Point Engagements

Shadi and Justin literally stole my heart, and left my jaw on the floor during their Sunrise Glacier Point Engagements in Yosemite! I seriously had SUCH a blast exploring the park with these two. Yosemite National Park is seriously one of my favorite places to shoot in the entire world. I actually got my own engagement photos with my husband Joel taken at Yosemite. This gorgeous location will always have such a special place in my heart. The photos always turn out absolutely MAGICAL, and these two were no exception.

Shadi and Justin are actually from Sacramento. I am so glad I got to show them around Yosemite for the first time! They were so sweet, and drove over 3 hours down to Glacier Point to meet up with me and capture these incredible photos. Shadi and Justin took the opportunity to spend a really romantic and special weekend together, exploring the area. I seriously LOVE IT when my couples decide to take some time for themselves, and transform their photoshoot into an experience that they will remember forever!

I had such an amazing time with these two! They were such a fun couple, and had me smiling nonstop. We actually had to meet up at 4 in the morning to catch the sunrise. Despite it being so crazy early, they showed up with the biggest smiles on their faces. They left my heart so full! These two were such troopers, and I loved how genuinely pumped they were for these photos! Shadi and Justin’s love was is sweet and genuine, and I had such an amazing time watching them interact.

Justin is actually a model, and he was no stranger to being in front of the camera, which was AWESOME! Sometimes, it can be a little tricky for my guys to feel super comfortable in front of the camera, which is totally understandable! Justin however, was such a natural and killed it beside Shadi! These two are both HUGE dog people! Shadi actually has a pitbull pup and I have a pit mix. We spent ages sharing adorable photos and chatting about our pups!

This session was seriously packed with adventure from start to finish. The sunrise over Glacier Point was absolutely incredible, and so worth waking up so early for! We were so lucky, because Yosemite was hardly busy at all! It was so cool to have so much of the park to ourselves, and I’m so glad Shadi and Justin were by my side! We ventured down to the valley, trying our best to avoid all kinds of construction. Yosemite is actually closing until 2022 in the Fall, so I am so grateful that I was able to make a trip up before I start having withdrawals! Shadi and Justin did not miss a beat all morning long, and I truly LOVE these photos. I could not have pictured a more perfect morning or asked for a better couple for these Sunrise Glacier Point Engagements!

Daydreaming about your own engagement session in Yosemite?

I will gladly meet you there, with the biggest smile on my face! And if you’re traveling long distance to get there, I seriously encourage you and your person to make the most of your trip! Check out this article to gather some inspiration, and don’t forget to reach out here so that I can countdown with you!