Winter Michigan Proposal

This Winter Michigan Proposal was more special to be a part of than normal! Joel and Lindsay are actually our neighbors and really good friends. When my husband and I moved outside of Kalamazoo “to the country”, we met Joel and Lindsay. They’re one of our four neighbors.  We quickly became friends when we met!

It’s kind of funny because my husband’s name is Joel and Lindsay just got engaged to Joel! We even joke that Kobe (Lindsay & Joel’s dog) is our dog Ginger’s boyfriend. Seriously, my husband and I are so thankful for these two and their friendship!

Winter Michigan Proposal

When Joel started planning his proposal to Lindsay, he knew he wanted to involve me so it could be photographed. We decided to play if off like we were doing a casual couple’s session and during the session Joel would propose whenever he felt ready. For Christmas, Lindsay had been hinting that she wanted some photos of them with their dog so he knew it’d be the perfect excuse!

On the day of the session, we had beautiful snow on the ground to create the perfect setting for a winter proposal! We started out with cute portraits of them with their dog Kobe. Kobe is such a well-behaved dog, so photos were super easy with this pup (just wait until you see the ring photos we got with Kobe). Then we started going into playful poses with just Joel and Lindsay. And then the moment happened! Joel discreetly pulled the ring box out of his pocket and got down on one knee to propose! Lindsay was SO surprised! She had the most radiant smile on her face! It was such a sweet moment to be a part of. 

We finished up their proposal photos with portraits featuring Lindsay’s new bling. We even got Kobe to sit perfectly still with the ring balanced on his nose! Such a good dog! I love photographing proposals and capturing this one for our really good friends was such an honor!

Michigan Proposal Photographer

Lindsay and Joel’s proposal photos are a great reminder to consider having a photographer at your proposal. Proposals are usually very emotional events with the best reactions, so it’s meaningful to have photos that capture all of that! After the thrill and excitement of the proposal, then you’ll get to take cute portraits as a newly engaged couple! When you’re ready to announce to friends and family, you’ll have gorgeous photos to share!

Planning a Winter Proposal?!

I’d love to be a part of capturing your proposal to your loved one! Get in touch with me here and we can nail down the details. For more proposal inspiration check out this proposal in Indiana!