Surprise Indiana Dunes Proposal

What an amazing surprise Indiana dunes proposal that was put together! The proposal was so perfectly planned and one for the books! Let me explain how this whole thing went down:

I grew up and went to school in Valparaiso, Indiana. Our neighboring/rivalry school was Chesterton. Growing up, I had a lot of friends who went to Chesterton, and that’s how I knew of Brianna and Trent. Anyway, On Thanksgiving, I received an inquiry from Trent, not Brianna, Trent. He hadn’t mentioned the proposal idea until we started texting! I was so down. He had this planned to a t, I just had to be there to capture it all. He pulled off the best surprise Indiana dunes proposal and her reaction was PRICELESS.

Since posting this one photo over on Instagram, I’ve been getting SO many questions about it! Let me tell you, this was probably the hardest part! So once we got to the beach, Brianna was changing in the car and Trent had to “pay me the remaining balance.” He gave me the ring to keep in my pocket until we were situated at the top of the stairs. I told Brianna to stay completely still because it was super windy out and I had just fixed her hair. I grabbed the box out of my pocket, handed it to him and BAM there it was.

What made this Indiana Dunes proposal so special?

You could tell that Trent put so much thought and effort into making this proposal special for Brianna. It was so heartwarming to see such an emotional moment between them! Bottom line, if you want to do something special for your partner, just do it! What matters the most is the intention behind it, and that is what they’re going to love so much. If you’re thinking the Indiana Dunes might be the right place to pop the question, check out all the info you need about the park here!

Photography by: Aislinn Timmons Photography