Glowy Sunflower Field Couples Photos

As summer wraps up, I’m super excited to share these glowy sunflower field couples photos! I am OBSESSED with how these photos turned out! I love how glowy and fun they are, and they are giving me all the summertime vibes! Sedona and Henry were so much fun to hangout with, and they looked so adorable together!

This shoot was extra special, because Sedona is one of my photographer friends! Her and I met last year, and she’s been my go to second shooter for weddings ever since! I always have so much fun hanging out with her, and it was super to cool to capture her in her element! As photographers, we obviously spend A TON of time behind the camera, capturing epic love stories. It’s always so much fun to switch it up a bit, and jump in front of the camera!

I’ve always LOVED the way sunflower shoots look, and this field in Southwest Michigan was perfect! The flowers were in perfect bloom, and they extended as far as your eye could see! Sedona and Hen are such a sweet couple, and I loved getting to work with them! They’ve been together for three whole years! We took these photos right around sunset, and the lighting was perfect. I loved the way the soft, golden sunset broke through the bright yellow sunflowers and fell on these two! I’ve been dreaming about shooting in a field like this forever, and it was such a nice way to send summer off! I’ve actually been thinking about potentially offering some mini’s once they are back in bloom next year, because I love them so much!

I had so much fun watching Sedona and Hen soak up the sunshine in front of the camera! I absolutely love these photos, and I’m definitely looking forward to being able to do something like this again! As we get closer and closer to cozy fall weather, check out this blog for some more Autumn couples inspo!

Loving these Glowy sunflower field couples photos? Want to capture some sweet photos of you and yours?

How fun! I would love to tag along! Feel free to say hey here and we can plan something special for you two!